Everything you should know about our new tree-planting scheme

When the Brunel and Pilgrim Impact Teams first joined forces, one of their primary focuses was to explore ways in which they could be more proactive in reducing our carbon footprint.

Alongside their focus on recycling, implementing a cycle-to-work scheme, and offering staff the ability to work flexibly from home, the Impact Team wanted to go that one step further. At the same time, we also wanted to thank people in a sustainable way for becoming clients.

This led to the introduction of the Impact Team’s first company-wide initiative to plant a tree for every new client, supporting the National Trust and their campaign to plant 20 million trees by 2030.

We chose the National Trust not only because of the important role it plays in preserving our heritage and wildlife, but also because its numerous sites are popular destinations that both staff and clients enjoy.

By donating to such an established cause, we can have a greater impact as we are working collaboratively with like-minded people.

In planting a tree for each new client, we hope to reduce any emissions we produce when delivering our service, as each tree could remove up to one tonne of carbon. Not only does planting a tree contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, but it also creates new habitats for a variety of wildlife.

At the time of writing, the National Trust have planted around 76,000 saplings of 14 different species of native broad leaf trees at various sites across the UK.

You can click here to find out more about the benefits that this scheme will bring, both to the wildlife in this country but also the planet more generally. If you want to support the National Trust’s efforts directly, you can also donate to the cause through their website.

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