Johnny & Alice

We feel our financial future is safe and secure thanks to working with Brunel Capital

Johnny: My name is Johnny and this is my wife, Alice. We’ve been with Brunel Capital for 13 years and our adviser is Simon Trebble.

Alice: We initially got in touch with Brunel Capital through personal recommendation. Over the years, we’d worked at various places and had different pension pots and different savings, and actually wanted to do a bit of long term planning. So we contacted Brunel, and it’s been fantastic.

I think for us, it was the fact that we got to a stage in our lives where we had some pensions, we had some savings, but we didn’t really have any kind of long term planning goals. So we didn’t really know where we were going, or where we were going to end up. Actually, it was really nice to go and speak to somebody who is independent, who could look at what we had as a whole, put it all into one place, so we knew where everything was, and then actually give us some plans for the future.

Johnny: We’ve had a number of financial advisers over the years, and two of them had retired in my time, and we just happened to be talking to a friend about the fact that we were looking for someone, he had a personal recommendation. We were introduced and hit it off straightaway.

I think for us, we started from a position of trust, because we knew the people that had recommended and they’d had a very good experience. Therefore, we immediately were able to talk very freely about what we wanted to do. We just opened all our filing cabinets, actually, Simon came and sat in our office and just went through everything and took everything away and came back a week later with some ideas.

Alice: The most recent thing that Brunel Capital has helped us with was giving us some really good independent advice about a potential investment that we wanted to make. Upcoming, I’m actually going along to see our adviser with my mother, who’s also one of their clients. And actually, it’s really nice, as a whole, as a family, Brunel are looking after us.

Johnny: We were in a very lucky position where we sat down, because I wanted to stop work. They went through the numbers and said, “Yeah, you don’t need to work, if you want to stop, you can”. And that just made me feel very, very happy.

Alice: Working with Brunel Capital makes me feel secure and confident. Mostly because I know that all of our information is in one place. It’s actually nice to know that we’ve not missed anything. There’s nothing hidden behind the filing cabinet. I can go to one person and they can pull up all the information, all figures at a glance. I find that really comforting.

Johnny: The three words I’d use to describe Brunel Capital are trustworthy, independent, and secure.

Alice: I feel very confident about our financial future through our involvement with Brunel Capital. So much so that actually, I’ve recommended them to quite a few friends and colleagues, because I think you go through life, particularly when you’re younger, and you are bringing up a family, and you never feel very confident that you’ve got enough money to be able to do things you want to do. I think working with Brunel Capital, they gave us really clear independent advice, which enabled us to actually make decisions about how much longer he wants to work for and feel confident that we could do the things we wanted to do.

Johnny: The best thing about working Brunel Capital is their availability. When we need to have advice, when we need to get information, it’s very quick and very easy to get what we need.

Alice: In the time that we’ve been with Brunel Capital, there’s been a lot of great advice. But probably the singular best piece of advice they gave us, was helping secure the financial future for our children, by setting up a pension for them, when I sold my business. I think that was superb and for that I’m sure my children will be very grateful in later life.

Johnny: I have recommended Brunel Capital and the reason is, because my friends have asked me “how have you got to the situation that you’re in?” And it’s a very simple answer, we have had very good advice.

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