About us

Pilgrim Financial Planning was established in 2010 by Arnold and Julie Wills. Based at the heart of the community of Wells, Pilgrim is known for its strong client service, integrity and ethical approach. Serving clients across a range of backgrounds, from both the public and private sectors, members of the clergy and business owners.

When Arnold & Julie retired, Brunel Capital Partners was a natural home for Pilgrim’s clients. With a similar ethos: to offer expert comprehensive financial planning advice allied to personal service.

Brunel’s founders, Damien Rylett, Steve Brady, David Buchan and Peter Hill, all worked in financial services for large corporations. While they appreciated the rigour and energy of such contexts, they felt there was a better, more tailored, way of delivering financial planning advice.

Pilgrim continues to embody this approach. Work with one of our well-qualified and highly experienced financial planners and they’ll help you to live your best possible life, bringing financial security and the freedom to make the choices that suit you, at every stage of your journey.

What makes us, us

Pilgrim Financial Planning is a values-driven business. We are committed to doing the right thing and delivering the very best service to our clients. Here is our CEO, Damien Rylett and some of the team explaining what makes us tick.

Our growth

Like all successful businesses, Pilgrim Financial Planning is always evolving. We are now able to provide access to Ironbright giving our clients access to a well managed, balanced and sensibly priced investment portfolio. Ironbright has since harnessed the latest technology to develop its own platform and also offers clients a range of sustainable portfolios.

In 2018, we were awarded Chartered Status by the Chartered Institute of Financial Planners, underscoring our quality and commitment to service.

Serving our communities

As well as ensuring we deliver sound advice to our clients, Pilgrim Financial Planning plays an active role in the local community. We support a number of charities, including the Wells Dementia Action Alliance and Children’s Hospice South West, and encourage our staff to share their expertise for the benefit of others and the good of society.

You can read more about our commitment to sustainability.

Our expertise

As a Chartered Financial Planning company, you can rely on Pilgrim Financial Planning to offer advice that is reliable, well informed and trustworthy. We operate to the highest professional standards, as team member and Chartered Financial Planner Daniel Hiles explains:

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What matters most to us

Putting you at the centre of what we do starts with spending time to get to know you and creating your financial plan. We constantly look at ways to improve what we do so we deliver you a service of the highest quality and add value to your lives.

We value each of our clients and foster long term relationships with them. We understand how important family and friends are and how often they need to be an integral part of their financial plan.

“We would like to express our appreciation and thanks for all the advice and support you have given us over the years. You and Dan have taken an extraordinary amount of time and effort to understand our concerns, our fears, our hopes and dreams in order to give us tailor made advice to ensure a secure future.”

Bill & Janet Stone

Our community and wider environment

Our communities are key; they are where our clients and our staff live, work and play.

Being active in our community is extremely important, so much so that we give the team refresher days which they can chose to spend volunteering.

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